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Garage Door Safety
The Amazing Advantages of Martin Garage Doors
Since 1936 Martin Garage Doors have been built to a higher standard. With 30 Unique Safety Features and advancements, Martin Doors are not only the most beautiful, longest lasting doors on the market, they provide piece of mind that the largest moving part of your home will operate safely around your friends and family. Martin offers over 5,000 style and color combinations so you can customize your door to match the distinctive look of your home. Read on to see how Martin makes a better Garage Door in every aspect.

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Martin Garage Doors
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The Reliability & Longevity of Martin Components
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Garage Door Hardware
Martin Garage Door HardwareLifetime Hardware
High Quality Hardware makes a Martin Garage Door the last door you will ever need. Cheap hardware brings inconvenient and costly repairs, but with Lifetime Hardware from Martin, your door will run safely and smoothly for years to come!

  • Lifetime sealed ball-bearing rollers*
  • Commercial-grade reverse angle shields*
  • Case-hardened fasteners
  • 14 Gauge steel hinges
  • 10 Gauge steel roller brackets*
  • 14/17 Gauge hemmed-rolled edge tracks
  • 100,000 cycle rating on hardware*

(Supersteel & Montana doors have some lighter gauge components - ask us for more details)
Garage Door Hardware
Martin Garage Doors
Martin Garage Door SpringsLifetime Spring System
Broken Springs are the most common Garage Door malfunction and can cause great injury or death. With Martin's Long Lasting Springs you can feel secure that the most dangerous part of your door is built to last. See the benefits of Martin Springs.

  • 30,000 cycle galvanized springs - Torsion Spring
    (Competitors are rated typically from only 5,000 to 10,000 cycles!)
  • 1/8 inch lift cables with 2,000 lb capacity
    (Competitiors use 3/32 inch lift cables)
  • Torsion bearings have permanent grease and need no lubrication
    (Competitors are oil-tempered and non galvanized)
  • Lifetime Warranty
    (Competitors only warranty 1-3 years)

Martin Garage Doors
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Martin Garage Door PanelsLong-Lasting Paint Finish
With 77 Color Combinations Martin Doors offer the largest variety of Garage Door Colors and Styles. Plus, with their Baked-on Enamel Paint, your door color will last longer and shine greater than any other house on the block!

  • Five standard enamel colors, two-coats baked-on enamel
  • Seventy-seven powder coat finishes

Martin Garage Doors
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The Revolutionary Safety of Martin Garage Doors
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Martin Garage Doors San Diego
Martin Garage Doors Controlled Descent DeviceControlled Descent Device
Delevoped by Martin, the Controlled Descent Device is a one of a kind safety device that goes above and beyond the standards of Garage Door Safety.

  • The Ultimate anti-drop safety feature
  • Offers a lifetime of protection from a free-falling door
  • Stops a free-falling door due to a weak or aged spring, a broken spring, or broken lift cable
  • No other manufacturer offers the Controlled Descent Device

Martin Garage Doors San Diego
Martin Garage Doors San Diego
Martin Garage Doors FingershieldFingershield System
The Comprehensive Fingershield System protects from accidental amputation on multiple levels. Not only are the panels interlocked, but the tracks are covered as well, another unique safety system exclusive to Martin Garage Doors.

  • Section Joints
  • Track Mounts
  • Roller Shields
  • Hemmed-rolled Edges
  • Curve Shields
  • Safety Hinges
  • Reduced Hole Size

Martin Garage Doors San Diego
Martin Garage Doors San Diego
Martin Garage Doors Safety Spring SystemSafety Spring System
Unlike any other door manufacturer out there, Martin Garage Door Springs are side mounted for extra safety.

  • Lock-on side spring mount
  • Lock-on side bearing plate
  • Concealed lift cables
  • Lock-on bottom brackets

Martin Garage Doors San Diego