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Green Garage Doors
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What Makes These Doors Green?
What makes a garage door "green" varies per manufacturer but has these traits in common:
  • A green door is long-lasting. Long-lasting products stay on your house and out of the landfill. They significantly reduce the impact of manufacturing and building on the environment, as well as fuel costs associated with distribution and general waste.
  • Green doors are made of steel or fiberglass. No trees are cut down to make a green door.
  • Green door manufacturers utilize recycled materials and are environmentally conscious in their manufacturing and distribution processes.
  • Energy efficiency can be a big factor in assessing a green door.
  • NOW, Green doors (i.e. aluminum, steel, and fiberglass) are JUST as attractive as wood. In fact, many people think Martin’s new aluminum doors are MORE beautiful than wood. Check out our photo gallery of green doors and/or visit our showroom. Click on the links below for more info on Green Doors.
Upon request, we will gladly furnish copies of LEED certificates for any of our green door models. LEED for homes is a rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council that “promotes the design and construction of high-performance green homes.
  • Competing manufacturers build components that are engineered to break in a few years creating a replacement market. Martin’s components are designed to literally last a lifetime and come with a lifetime warranty. That means while competitor’s doors and parts are headed for the landfill, Martin Doors last and last.
  • Martin Door Mfg. has a cutting edge, environmentally safe powder coat paint line that is currently being used by inspectors as a model of how to implement strict new environmental controls, without compromising quality.
  • Every single component of a Martin Door is either made of recycled materials or can be easily recycled.
  • Martin Garage Doors are insulated with sheets of polystyrene, sometimes known as EPS, while many manufacturers opt to utilize a foam injection polyurethane. Neither breaks down easily in a landfill. However, there is a major difference in the way both materials can be handled or land-filled. Martin Doors can be easily removed, and thus both the metal and the EPS can be recycled. It is nearly impossible to remove the insulation in a foam injected door, inhibiting the recycling of the steel in those doors.
  • No trees are cut down to build a Martin Door. Use of wood is not friendly to the environment, while the use of steel, copper and aluminum can be – because the materials can be recycled and used again. Natural wood, wood composite doors and wood overlays on steel doors are not good environmental options since wood is not considered recyclable if it has any kind of finish on it.

  • Because the garage is the single largest entry point into any home, Wayne-Dalton produces energy efficient, insulated garage doors. Wayne-Dalton has been instrumental in getting tax credits up to $500 under section 25C of the International Energy Conservation Code for consumers installing high R-Value doors.
  • 44 percent of Wayne-Dalton’s sourced steel is recycled.
  • Every single component of a Martin Door is either made of recycled materials or can be easily recycled.
  • Wayne-Dalton created the industry’s first fiberglass garage door. Fiberglass prevents warping, splintering, or rotting for a worry-free, low maintenance garage door option that lasts a lot longer than wood.
  • The Model 9700 carriage style steel door line boasts Wayne-Dalton’s highest level of energy efficiency and comes in 14 door styles.
  • Wayne-Dalton is the first door and opener company to join the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a non-profit organization composed of leaders from every sector of the building industry. Members work to promote buildings that are both environmentally responsible, and profitable, and establish healthy places to live and work. Wayne-Dalton has also implemented lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles into everyday practices to ensure safety, quality, efficiency and waste reduction.

  • Clopay Building Products premium series employs an environmentally safe, CFC-free, expanded polystyrene insulation. 2” thick doors have a thermal break to resist cold and hot from transferring from the outside to the inside to improve energy efficiency.
  • Clopay’s galvanized torsion springs last 50% longer than industry standard oil-tempered springs.
  • The steel used in Clopay’s doors is made from over 75% recycled content.
  • Clopay uses true 24, 25 or 27 gauge to ensure a longer life.
  • - A paint system that begins with hot dipped galvanizing then coating with a baked-on primer and finished with a baked-on top coat both inside and out, reduces fading and wear from natural exposure.
  • Clopay meets and exceeds EPA guidelines for manufacturing and continuously looks for ways to reduce packaging and disposable materials.
  • Clopay’s transport fleet runs on low sulphur diesel fuel and are equipped with computers to monitor idle time, engine performance and driver performance to maximize fuel efficiency.
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